Coach’s Guide

Insight to Action: Coaching the change that matters is an iWAM consultant’s resource that provides a practical tool to help their clients translate insight to action. With these 52 stand-alone self-coaching pages, you can continue to facilitate your client’s development after the coaching session or workshop is complete.

Each page provides your client with a targeted reference to embed the learning and insights from the iWAM debrief. Your clients will be empowered to drive their own development by selecting an accessible pathway for change from a range of options.

Would you like to support your clients to:
Bridge the application gap and direct their continued learning andaction through practical self coaching activities after your debrief?
Maximise learning impact by reinforcing and deepening knowledge of the concepts?
See themselves as others see them and bring conscious awareness to unconscious behaviours?
Identify specific actions to undertake on their own and incorporate in a self-development plan?
Develop an accessible pathway for change that allows them to choose their preferred approach?
Anneli, Belinda and Corrinne have done it again! Now they have developed the ABC guide for coaching with the iWAM. I’m grateful to have this team of enthusiastic coaches who are using the iWAM because they have created another great tool which will be of tremendous use to the community. This instrument is well laid out and is very convenient to use in eBook format – you can easily navigate to the right page linked to the iWAM pattern you are working on with the coaching client.

It’s a must-have for every iWAM coach!

Patrick Merlevede, Creator of the iWAM instrument.

Would you like to:

Improve profitability through improved productivity? Generate repeatable results and increase efficiency by reducing post-coaching customisations.

Provide greater perceived value. Provide more resources to your clients, which not only reinforces the value they have received during coaching, but also long after the coaching is finished.
Generate more iWAM work? These pages will stimulate expanded conversations between your clients and their peers and teams, opening the doorway for more iWAM-based workshops or coaching.