Facilitator’s Guide

Your ‘Cracking the code for workshop performance: Facilitating the change that matters’ package includes:

Hard copy Guide and soft copy eBook
Step by step interactive workshop activities
Ready to use facilitator scripts
Print ready participant handouts and key templates for workshop success
Ongoing access to version updates and additional resources as released
Industry estimates indicate that facilitators spend up to 3 days to develop 1 day of content. It is a lucky few who get to charge for this. Typically facilitators change for 1 day of development and 1 day of delivery. Unless you are regularly running repeat programs with similar content, developing customised workshop is costly.

Let’s assume you charge $2000 per day. So you charge your client $4000 to develop and deliver a one-day workshop.

We are confident that using our methodology and activities, you will save half a day of development time – and we think this is a conservative view. So at $2000 per day, each time you sell a workshop, you will save $1000 (half a day). When you sell 5 workshops, and you will save $5000. Logic says anyone would pay $500 to save $1000 on just one workshop. We are offering you this Guide and resources for only $99 inc gst plus postage (or $88 inc gst for eBook and resources).

How will you invest your savings?

We think the monetary savings are important. But for us, the money is not the main game. What we have loved is observing our clients engaged with and appreciating the brilliance of the iWAM and the transformational insights it has given them. This has been reflected in their amazing feedback about the personal benefits they have received and how they have integrated the knowledge back into their organisation to produce better results.

We want this future for you and your clients.